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Lot of good news here.

Any details on how many extra degrees you’ve squeezed out for the Pro?

Are all of the software/app changes already out there or are they coming to our Glowforge soon?

In light of the news – and I will acknowledge that it is news and represents positive movement – regarding the filter production, I will repeat my unanswered question of two weeks ago more specifically:

A few months ago, the heading on the date on the Account page quietly changed from “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” to the much more straightforward “Estimated Delivery Date”. As a native English speaker, I would interpret “Estimated Delivery Date” to mean an estimate of the date by which a customer could expect to receive delivery. I would like to know if there is an alternative Glowforgian usage of these words at play here.

If not, the September 30 date that a suspicious number of us seem to have on our account pages does not seem to be close to realistic if a factory in Guadalajara is just now producing test units that you seem to have not even seen. What is the best case scenario for when you will begin shipping filters to customers?

It’s going to depend on the environment (moving air, humidity, etc) so we’re not going to change the specs, but it improves things by, very roughly, 3 degrees Fahrenheit on Pro only.

These are all deployed already.


The posted dates per-person are correct if everything goes well. There’s still a high degree of uncertainty as production units may not perform, there could be production problems, etc.


Exactly how “odor-free” are we talking about with the filter? With venting out the window, the smells I get are primarily noticeable when the fans cut off. Will the filter be able to neutralize more of those smells somehow? By which I mean, all other things being equal, is a properly vented glowforge more smelly than a glowforge with the filter? Or are they comparable, and you just mean that it’s odor-free compared to not venting at all or something?

If it’s the former, I might regret canceling my filter last year… Lol.

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BTW, I’m going to be livestreaming on Amazon in 3 hours (only slightly terrified of this) so I may not reply to questions until later today. Watch and enjoy the schadenfreude! We start streaming at 1pm PST.



I’m going to say “similar to window venting” so I don’t disappoint anyone, but we’re working to make it better. That said, it’s tremendously subjective.


Ok, thanks for clarifying! A filter might be on my christmas list for next year :slight_smile:

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Thanks. My 80+ temps usually have 40% relative humidity so adding a fan to keep the air moving is easy enough vs a/c. I’ll turn off the a/c in the basement and turn on the dehumidifier and see how things go.

@dan you’ll do great on this live streaming event. You’re a natural, you know how to handle the unexpected and just roll with it as you’ve shown all of us here for years.

Glad to see Glowforge moving forward in such a big way.


It is hard for me to see how these things can both be true. When the bulk of pre-orders were being shipped, customers on the East Coast were reporting four to six weeks from shipment to receipt. So unless something has changed, for me to get my Glowforge – and an air filter from Guadalajara – on the East Coast by September 30, you would kind of need to ship it this week, yes?

The actual shipping time was only a few days if you look at the UPS tracking info.

Most of the rest of the time was just order fulfillment (including actually building, testing, and packaging the machine).


past tense: estimated ; past participle: estimated

  1. roughly calculate or judge the value, number, quantity, or extent of.

When are the rest of the promised software updates going to arrive? Accurate passthrough, ect. We are a year+ past commercialization. It appears to have “disappeared” from the main website.


I really hope the current border/trade negativity with the US doesn’t effect my Canadian order.
Anything you can do to reassure us that our dates aren’t going to slip again? Even if its a percentage through the process of getting everything done?

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Yeah, thanks for that. The thing is, for the last two and a half years, I’ve been having to parse the Glowforge definition of “estimate”, and it’s a little different from what it says in the dictionary.

Right now what I’m trying to get a sense of is whether the date that’s listed in my account page is actually attached to anything real. The idea that I’d have a unit on my desk in a little more than six weeks when they have not even seen or tested production units at Glowforge headquarters has a familiarly delusional odor about it.


I don’t recall anyone reporting this. I recall a couple of UPS snafus, especially last December, that made things take longer, but not five weeks longer. Six weeks from email to receipt, yup, most definitely. Mine was three weeks to the day, two calendar weeks of waiting and one calendar week in transit.

I agree that receiving an air filter by Sept 30, which is what they’re still claiming for me, seems not likely. That initial production runs are being made now, however, makes by end of October for me possible and this year, with no major issues, very likely.


A little late to mention this, but shouldn’t there be a link, or at least a can’t miss this link, from the actual glowforge listing on Amazon? I was just there and didn’t see one.

I stand corrected. I am a lot less sanguine than you about getting shipment this year, though.

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The Ponoko discount is great news! I’ve done exactly that workflow before: prototype on the GF, then send it to them for production.

Is the discount for only for cutting costs, or does it cover material prices, too? They’re separate line items on the Ponoko invoice, and their coupons usually only cover one or the other.