Discussion of February update

I understand the “we don’t discuss updates before they’re done” policy. I really do! I work in software and know that it can be a no-win scenario.

But as an owner and not your software product manager, I really want to know what’s in the works. Many people have independently requested some of the same features, like saving settings for our non-Proofgrade materials, and we have no idea if those features are things we might get, or things we’ll never get.

If you can find a way to give us some news about what’s happening in the software world, it would be appreciated.


Thanks for the Update. @dan, please let us upload our own G-Code to the glowforge app. of course with a good pre processor. I use Fusion360 CAM and I would love to be able to send my designs without going thru 2D software intermediate steps.

I can help beta test this if you wish and even help write the pre-processor if needed!

BTW: KUDOS with the open source firmware! That is a great promise to keep! Congrats!


Anyone else catch Luke from Linus Tech Tips at the GF booth?


When international shipments start arriving, I’m sure there’ll be lots of noise about it on the forum - but I’m afraid we don’t comment about compliance and logistics like this.

I know. I’m sorry. We’ll try to keep your spirits up with a steady stream of cool improvements, vs. a steady stream of future promises. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that’s unlikely - we don’t use G-code, and it would be nontrivial to add.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting it out into the world.

He was great! Hung out for more than an hour - great to talk to.


Hi, Good news that international shipments will start soon. Just some further questions:

  • International units are special batch. Is this because those units are different from US units ? Are those potential differences induce difference in the way we will use the Glowforge?

  • To optimize shipping cost for international buyers, will it be possible to order proofgrade materials before shipping and group the delivery?

Have a good day.

Yes, they’re different, and no, not even slightly. (We won’t comment on the differences but they’re trivial and don’t affect usage, longevity, safety, or anything else helpful).

Unfortunately no. Materials ship separately, so there’s no cost advantage anyway.


A “pause” button would be a great addition, as well as being able to load .ai or dxf file types. I know you’ve said from the beginning that these functions will eventually be available, but I am a little tired that I waited two years for a beta product.

Still, I don’t want to appear too ungreatful, it is still a wonderful machine that performs just about as well as I hoped it would. Thank you, glowforge.


I can think of a few reasons why the current production units would fail CE, but would the international units not pass all the US requirements as well? It is normally possible to make products with worldwide approvals because the requirements are not normally mutually exclusive.

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m not even sure I mind if the UK/EU is on the list (although I suspect it is). The fact that @dan is talking about the start of international shipping is such a relief. My date isn’t far away so it might not be too long before I start shooting lasers.


Happy to read a update after two months. I would like to know more about the air filter. How is going on? I know that you can`t say to much about this staff but it would be grate to read something about it.


A preferable approach to the alternative (unless that included both promises and fulfillments :slight_smile: )

You would think that eventually they would merge. Not knowing the particulars it would seem inefficient to build two models if you didn’t have to. Once any non-conforming parts were used up of course.

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Quite likely you can’t answer this either and perhaps not exactly related - but with the developments and changes for international models and those going into production, would that also include NRTL units?

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I understand this to be true from several other forum posts, much to the chagrin of the open-sourcers and hardware hackers. Have there been any public write-ups anywhere about the design decisions that went into making the Glowforge? What limitation would G-code have placed on you?

Is there a way that we can have access to the store to start ordering prof grade materials now so I have them on hand ready to go when my glowforge arrives. I would hate to have my glowforge and then still have to wait another few weeks for the materials to arrive.

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and how much are the shipping costs to europe for proofgrade?

No news to share - our current ship date estimates at Glowforge - the 3D laser printer are the best information we have as to schedule.

NRTL is a separate schedule; we’ll announce when that is done.

Not that I’m aware of.

It would have been a great deal of work that we didn’t plan to do, that would have come at the expense of work we did plan to do.

I don’t have any numbers yet. I believe the PG team is working to enable European deliveries, and longer term is looking at ways to get Proofgrade material to other countries cost-effectively.


Not to answer for @dan but if memory serves correctly (and they do it the same for international), you’ll have access to the store once you get your golden email. Since there is a lag between getting your email, your unit being built, and then shipped, you should technically have access before the arrival of your glowforge.


Ok thanks. That works for me.

That Instagram hashtag feed and all of the projects posted here must really be motivating for the GF team.