Discussion of "Help Us Get One Million Ears Savers to Essential Workers"

The .030 clear acrylic from Johnson Plastics or BFPlastics makes great ear savers that are not as brittle as the 1/8". I’m getting the 24" x 49" sheets for $22 and cutting to size with a utility knife. I get over 300 for $22 in materials and they are more comfortable since they flex to fit the head shape. I’ve sent out 580 so far and printing more now.

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Please don’t try to “vet” these requests. Our essential workers are desperate, and dealing with levels of emotional trauma the rest of us can’t even imagine. Don’t add to it by doubting them. They don’t deserve it.

This is no time for us to be suspicious of our fellow humans. You volunteered to do a good thing. You get karma points for doing the good thing, regardless of what the recipient does with what you send them. It’s not your place to judge whether they are worthy of your generosity or not.

PLEASE, just send the requested items to the listed address and go on to the next order.


I don’t think the OP was wanting to judge who deserves them; just make sure they were going where they would get properly distributed.

I believe in the stink test for this as well as a lot of other things if there is no reliable indicator of shinanigans just trust and ship. If there is, a quick, polite email will often clear things up without delay or insult.
Often an email can help things. My first request was local, and the ER nurse had been way too conservative on her request, so we bumped the number up, and I (safely) hand-delivered them, so they had them much quicker.


V2 of the Earsavers download downloads with two different cut steps that cut every line on the design. I ignore the one that cuts out the interior of the Earsaver ask for a print and everything seems normal except the estimated time is 34 min instead of the normal 1 hour.
I have a few orders that need to go out but with that time estimate i don’t want to proceed and end up ruining another sheet of acrylic.

Btw: do you want pics received from people? The ones I got back were adorable.



I was having the same problem yesterday and found this in a search in Community.

Try saving your Illustrator file as svg with the settings mentioned in the link. (Hoping it takes you to the right place. If not, please reply and I will send a screen shot.)

Good luck!

I just made a “cleaner” version. I uploaded the single design to fusion360 to fillet the corners, and brought that design into inkscape to replicate. There were too many nodes to do this well in F360. I will upload a single and multiple version later today.

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I have been waiting to see something like this - this is awesome!!! My favorite post so far - thank you for sharing!!


Anybody with feedback, share it here. It’ll keep my happy face smiling.


Thank you jamesdhatch, they’re in Texas. Hopefully my machine will be fixed today but I’ll let you know if not.

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You saved me!! This fixed the issue perfectly!! Thank you.

Awesome! you’re very welcome! I learned a lot yesterday doing this. I love it! Only had our’s since last Tuesday!

I’m keenly aware of the need. My husband is a doctor on the frontlines of this pandemic. I asked the question because one of my matches raised several flags. I don’t think my comments are out of line, nor deserving of judgement and a curt answer. As a rule, I have the utmost faith in people and went without sleep to fulfill all three of my matches in under 24 hours. I did not volunteer for brownie points or any credit, but to aid persons just like my husband and his colleagues.

There was nothing curt about my answer. It was a plea on behalf of the people like your husband on the front lines. I didn’t say you were out of line or make any judgments, just made the point that the people in need of these are already being abused by administrators and the government and rioting crowds, and they just really don’t need any further emotional trauma, which, for someone already dealing with all of these things, it would be most likely perceived as.

Maybe if you take a look at my own profession you’ll understand that your interpretation of my tone was off the mark?


Also, to be clear to all…I am not ‘vetting’ anyone. I asked if the process run by Glowforge was in any way vetted to ensure PPE was being received properly.

I’m not even sure why you are taking this personally. I posted a general message on the thread, prompted by several conversations I’ve seen recently, both here and on FB.

I am more than aware of the strain, both personally and professionally, and I appreciate your efforts. I run a hospice facility myself.
I asked a question based on one situation I personally faced, the order was hand delivered regardless. My apologies for my question apparently striking a cord with you. Best regards.

When you reply directly to someone, their avatar is shown in the upper right corner of their message, as you can see on this one.

Here is the message I posted that you are taking offense to. Note there is no avatar in the corner – that means it was posted to the thread in general.

This was a very small order from one of my local urgent care clinics. Couldn’t resist making them a box, pictured with a few earsavers in it before I filled it up.


pardon me, but what is “weeding”? I’m obviously still a newbie…lol