Discussion of July Update, Part II (latest)

yes, obviously, we’re all aware.


Part of the update discussion was news about new settings. For those with pre-release or production units? How long has the “Full” showed up on the operations column when 100% is chosen? I hadn’t noticed it before today. Granted, I haven’t been doing a lot because I’ve been preoccupied with my Prusa and the settings push has made me need to re-do my pre-release settings.


I noticed it for the first time yesterday.


Think a couple days. Another change… Now when you enter non-Proofgrade material thickness the material shows up in the top left corner of the GUI as Unknown/UNKNOWN. No longer a display of the thickness like before. That’s not useful.


Hm - I’ll check on those changes.

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Team says they are both mysteries being investigated. Thanks for the heads up.


I’ll have to say that I am really disapointed about this news. Up until now, I found the GF team very honest through their communications. Every time they had issues on the technical development of the machine that lead to a additional delay, we had an e-mail with thorough explanations. I was really confident this time to receive my machine before end of July. And all of a sudden 3 additional months for no official reason. At least, no reason have been given for this.

Moreover, it seems that international backers are not treated as regular ones. How could international shipping have not started? We paid additional fee ($400 for me) for the extra price on shipping rates. So, we should be considered as normal customers and get our machine regarding the day we place the order not the place we are living…

Is refund is still possible? I think 2 year waiting is too long for me. Especially, if an other last minute delay is added or if european backers get served last. I’ll go with the muse even it’s a little bit more expensive.


Yes it is, we just try not to say it too much as a few started to say it as code for “will you just shut up”.
If you are serious, go to the main page and you will find instructions.
I hate to see anyone go but I do understand that everyone has different circumstances.


Yes, the refunds are available up until you receive a notice from Glowforge asking if you are ready to accept delivery and provide a shipping address.

A revised schedule was included in the email that went out on June 7th. If you didn’t receive a copy, you can read it here:

It also has instructions on how to cancel your order if you decide you can’t wait any longer at the bottom of the email.

I know the Glowforge team feels really bad about the delays, but since there isn’t anything more they can do about it, the decision as to what is right for each individual has to be up to that individual. Good luck making your decision.


Thank for the info. For now, I just wanted to know if it is possible. I’ll take some time to think about it and until I get quotes (and delay) back from other manufacturers. I know they working hard to get everyone satisfied but I can’t find any info about international shipping…


I’ve check my e-mails right now and I did received it but it was in spam. Sorry, for having missing it. Everything was on it! unlike I said in my previous post, GF team IS very professional.


you may wish to explicitly add hello@, support@, and danshapiro@glowforge.com to your safe senders list.


And I’m going to double ditto what @jrnelson said - everybody make sure you have the following three addresses included in your white list, 'cause otherwise you might miss the email that asks if you are ready to receive your machine, and that asks for your address. (Very very super important!)


If you miss it, they will likely send you another one… a month or so later. :confused:

(You don’t want to miss it.)


Just to be clear, you can still cancel when you get the mail, up until you request delivery.


Just my 2 cents, but I just received my basic and my mind is blown!! As others have said… It’s well worth the wait if you can!


@dan when will we get additional information on international shipping. The topic is kind of ignored in the update. We will get our glowforge when we get it, but I do hope to get a better timeframe when we can expect the delivery.

Do you ship by order date or location? Is the question I think me and my fellow international backers would like to get answered.

Thanks in advance

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Right now the only information we have is the same as for domestic, which is the ship-by date (glowforge.com/shipping).

I live in California and we put our glowforge in the garage. I found that it will not work when the temperature gets over 75 degrees, and I shut it off until later at night. Will keeping it in the garage damage it?

Probably not depending on the temperature in the garage. There is a storage range recommendation for the Glowforge as well, it’s located in the User Manual:

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