Discussion of March 2019 Update


We don’t have a way to do that right now, but if you email support after your Glowforge arrives, they may be able to take care of you.



I suspect the problem may be a blocking browser plugin of some sort. Try disabling plugins and see if that helps? If not, I’d open a thread with support.

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Aww, hadn’t thought of that and you’re probably right. It’s one of those things that you don’t realize isn’t working right becasue you don’t know how it’s suppose to work lol. Thanks Dan.

Edit: Oh hey, look at all the nice project pics!
So it works fine in Chrome, now I have to figure out what Firefox add-on is messing with it. (I can’t find anything obvious like a blocker or anything. ) Can someone confirm that the photos appear OK in their Firefox before I spend too much time on it? That would at least narrow things down for me and I’ll start working on the less obvious add-ons…



@dan, what about international proofgrade shipping? I’d like to finally be able to use my store credits…



I’d also like to know this.
I ended up having my proofgrade shipped to a third party and then having them ship it to me which was rather pricey.

Of course, I’m still waiting for a tracking number for my crumb tray that didn’t come with my glowforge on the 28th of February. I guess regular shipping still needs work too.



I just checked, and they do. (Although I should add this is a legacy version of Firefox, and not the latest…I have to keep the old one to run my EMR, which uses stupid Silverlight.)



@dan with the new fulfillment might we start being able to get PF materials in Canada?

Please say yes :wink:

Happy Forgiversary!

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No go on the proofgrade shipping improvements.
Ordered two days ago still no shipping info, I stopped orderering after my shipping times went from 3 days to 10+ days.
Oh well…



Actually Dunfee’s second post is on the mark - with shipments climbing and new international locations opening up, our team’s been straining to keep up with timely deliveries on our current international commitments.



Thanks, but that’s not what I wanted to know… I’m wondering when I can start ordering material from the store - I’ve received my starter pack together with the machine a year ago, so it must be possible to ship the stuff…

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We haven’t announced a date.



Trying not to be sarcastic here, but I am very much aware of that…

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I apologize then. It sounds like you already have the most current information.



Meanwhile I’m constantly updating my Saga of woe over in the everything else section.



Yeah five years and still no Glowforge



you were able to order yours before the crowdfunding 3.5 years ago?



I’m in Australia and we’re still waiting. Yep I stand corrected it’s been almost 4 years but seems longer.



The Glowforge is supposed to be on it’s way in June but I’m expecting to be pushed back yet again. Still I’ve waited this long. I think tho that by the time it arrives there will be better machines on the market. The Muse looks interesting so I’m thinking if the Glowforge takes any longer I’ll get a refund and buy else where.

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Your not alone in the waiting. Hang in there we are stronger together.

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5 years already?! I feel like I’ve only met that machine a year ago…

Congratulations of making it this far. Hope the 6th year get’s the software up to alpha and release all those (international) credits you’ve been hoarding.