Discussion of October 2017 update

We have one report of an April estimate for the filter. Has anyone else seen a filter estimate? I am a Day 2 purchaser but have received no schedule yet.

That was my estimate as well. It came with this addendum "This is still a rough date, and we’ll be working to refine it. You’ll have the choice of receiving your Glowforge printer immediately and using a window or dryer vent for the exhaust until your Air Filter arrives, or holding delivery until it is ready.

To keep you posted, we’re going to update your account page to include your latest estimate for when your Air Filter will ship: https://glowforge.com/account. You won’t see it yet, but we’ll add it to the page in the next few weeks. We’ll update that page regularly as we get information on production so it stays as accurate as possible."

So take that with a grain of salt as well.

I did see that @Dan mentioned some filters would be shipped in January, and my educated guess is that Day 1 & 2 people would be first on the list

It would be nice, but I figure that this batch will be pushing closer to 6 weeks. They have a lot of units to deliver.

Out of curiosity, where did you see that some filters would ship in January?

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In the posting Air Filter Update from yesterday @dan said “I just updated the October announcement - we’re expecting to start the shipping process for air filters (meaning first emails go out saying they’re ready) in January. We’re working on the first batch of email schedule updates that will reflect that, but it affects lots of people so I wanted to be sure it was posted here.”

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Thanks. I completely missed that one.

Interesting, I ordered mine on the 18th of October and have received nothing from Glowforge directly since 2015, despite ensuring my contact e-mail is up to date. What was the e-mail that you received it from?

Could you please give more details ?

I am 1 day after you with a pro order. I am HOPING your timeline is workable. :slight_smile:

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I think, dont quote me, that it is unavailable to non-recipients for 2 reasons:

  1. It is tied to your GF and until you have it then they cannot link the access to you
  2. It might also be a matter of scalability.

However, it has been asked for before and the answer is pretty much ‘wait for your GF’

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I am envisioning a situation where the e-mails are delayed.

There will be an e-mail apologising for the delay in getting you the e-mail apologising for the delay in getting you a Glowforge.



Agreed. I, like you, have worked 20 years for both startups and tech monsters as a support analyst, consultant, project/program manager and I’ve never been a part of a completely open ended dev cycle where we sold the product as a complete and finished design to our customers before even starting on it. Lol. Sure, we promote feature sets and enhancements that are planned, but we don’t market them as being completed before they are ready for release.

I am also just using this for woodworking hobbies though, so I can laugh it off and just be happy that it will probably be really cool in the end. Plus, I’m piling up free stuff while I wait.


I’ll pass along the request!


Yes, this would be dreamy in terms of the ability to get planning/designing in advance of arrival!!



Just making a note: I’ve flagged both of these replies because they are perpetuating the myth that Glowforge is waiting on email replies before directing the factory to build machines. I’m pretty darned sure that they are building as fast as they can and matching up machines to delivery addresses as the “yes” replies come in. They’ve said as much (I’d link it, but I’m not finding the exact reply it was in at the moment).

I did privately message both posters asking them to rephrase their comments. One of them responded but didn’t want to change the wording. The other hasn’t yet responded.

So, by flagging the replies that will direct Glowforge staff’s attention to them and they can decide how to address them. I’m making this comment just to be open about why I believe they need to be flagged.


Piles of them stacking up in some warehouse? You’re saying they manufactured enough to satisfy the demand, and left them sitting at the warehouse to collect dust while they spend the next year working on correcting the packaging.

All of this happened without using any of the funds the customers paid in because those funds were held in escrow; and allowed users to cancel at any time.

I’m seriously getting nervous at the quality of the product we’ll be receiving. If they could complete the R&D, manufacture the $28 million worth of discounted preorders, and keep the lights on for the last two years, using just the initial $9 million investment from the Foundry Group.

No. Dan mentioned in one of his recent posts that they had to slow down shipment due to packaging changes and needing to wait for the new boxes & foam to get to them and as a result they ended up with lots of machines all over the place with nowhere to store them. No one has said it was a year - Dan was referring I believe to the slowdown we all saw in Sept before we saw them resume shipping.

They didn’t, nor did they get just $9M in investment funding. They’ve had at least 2 rounds of investment funding in excess of $25M as I recall the last posting about that. They did a first round before offering it for pre-order (the $9M) and a second round last year.