Discussion of October update


I ordered 10/18 and my ship date is nov 14


February? When did you order? Pro or basic? US or overseas?


I ordered on the 23rd (last day of the crowdfunding event), and it says my shipping is estimated at January 12. Given that’s the start of the shipping process, I estimate it should be in my hot little hands by end of February. Assuming no further delays - which of course will likely happen. So, if I get it first half of 2018, I’ll be satisfied.


I ordered my Pro on 10/15 and my estimated ship date is Jan 5th and Jun 8th for my filter.


Mine says 23 January.

(a) Pathetic.

(b) What further concessions will be offered to those who have to wait another 3 months after we were repeatedly promised the end of October?


Yeah, just going to have to be patient a bit more. They did say that the delivery dates could jump around a bunch as they iron out the algorithms and tighten up estimates based on the data coming from the production line. Here’s hoping it moves up, but I’ll just pretend like it’s never coming and be presently surprised when I finally see at the door.


Well I got the email but it is not good news at all. Mine says I will receive in March 2018! this is a way past the recent publication that everything will ship by Nov 30th. This is ridiculous.


2/15/2016, basic, US.


That’s how I’m feeling too. I’ve never been so meh about $2k-ish before, and I thought I would be upset. But I think I would have been surprised if my estimated date was before the new year.

Plus side, even if they don’t manage to deliver before those dates, at least everyone else gets to be the guinea pigs?


Thanks for the reply. I think I puked in my mouth a little.


Any ideas what the new extra freebie means:

We’re giving you a $20/month credit for delays.

Wondering if that’s $20/month from the end of October when they were originally hoping to ship?


The thing is they knew when posting the oct update, they should have said something


Basic or Pro and when did you order?


No, I think it’s $20/month from the second (or third? I can’t keep track anymore) delay. Someone was saying it’s in the $200 range now, so it probably started in January or February of this year.


March 2018…I was thinking November of 17.

I feel punched in the stomach. This is just for the basic, and that’s just when they start making it right? So it will be even after that. Am I right?


It’s from the December / March delay


I’ve managed complex engineering projects before. One does not get within 3 weeks of their delivery date before realizing that it’s going to take another 6 months to finish.


I expected a delay past Oct, and figured I would be meh about it, but I’m mad.

I expected a small delay past Oct, not the 2 months I got and I’m one of the lucky ones. I saw on facebook people ordering 1 day after me that are in mid January. This is just out of control. I’d be interested in a poll to see if there is anyone that would have purchased a Glowforge if they knew 2 years ago that they would be waiting 2+ years.


I definitely would not have. I don’t think I am the only one or the 1001’st one.


I wouldn’t have