Discussion of October update


D’oh. Well you got me there. My point was that 10% gains is reasonable.


Kinda tough to hold them liable when they allow a full refund at anytime upto when you agree to start the shipping process and are given an EETA (Exact Estimated Time of Arrival)


Doesn’t matter. I can’t read. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Update: I can read now! I’ve requested a copy of the book.


Refund or not, still false advertising to currently promise one month shipping on the website and not be able to deliver…


There’s a book?



I recommend it for an insight into the startup world and into the man in the hot seat.


I sent an email. It will be nice to get something in the mail from glowforge. :grinning:


As a person who uses taxpayer money, I cannot use anything that is not FDIC insured. There can be zero chance of any loss of money.


I was only 2 days after you and I’m scheduled for Feb…talk about a little frustrating. But things are things and we will have to believe that one of these days will have a great product.


I don’t think it’s a case of Canada being left until the end for delivery. I think they’re making sure all orders are sent to the US customers FIRST, irrespective of when orders were placed. Then international orders last, again irrespective of when orders were placed. It’s a bit of a mish mash (and that’s putting it nicely). What happened to sending units out in order rather than how they’re doing it, causing people to argue over who should have theirs first, second, third etc…? Hardly fair and extremely frustrating.
@dan why not stop all the Makers Fairs and pause taking new orders until you can ensure those loyal customers who’ve stuck with the lies and constant let downs over the last two years are dealt with effectively and efficiently and we have what we paid for?


I think the forecasted dates people have been posting here shows that isn’t necessarily factual. US is shipping now. International isn’t. When international starts, they will be rolled right alongside US units.


I like the idea of trade up


Not sure I understand how not taking new orders helps anyone. GF needs new orders to stay viable. We need them to take new orders to justify the expense of short and longterm S/W improvements. We all need the server farm bill to be paid in perpetuity.

And new orders do not negatively affect current customers.


Are there any US orders from the campaign that have dates later than the first OS ones (mid Jan I think)?

@cbarker, please can we have two new columns in the spreadsheet.


Thanks. The point I was trying to make was the fact that there is no apparent order to how the units are being shipped but international are currently last in line even if payment was made within the 30-day campaign.


Agreed. Frustration is getting the better of me I think!


The company has a fiduciary responsibility to the board, advertising (maker’s fairs) are a big part of that. To a high degree, Dan’s hands are tied.


Definitely. My order was early on 10/23/15 and I’m scheduled for mid January, I’ve seen lots of other basic order folks with order dates from the 23rd through the end of the campaign posting about golden email dates in late January, February, and March.


Me too. I ordered on 10/25/15, I’m scheduled for Jan 31. Until today, I was still holding out hope that I’d have it in time to use it for fun and creative Christmas gifts for family members.

Sadly, for the first time, I’m really reconsidering this order. I expect that the Glowforge will be an awesome toy, but it’s one that I have hoped to use to make Christmas gifts for TWO Christmases now. The main reason I’ve stuck it out is a variant of the sunk cost fallacy – if I later end up buying one, I would have cost myself $2k over having stuck with the crowdfunded version.

To me, watching the people who already have one posting all their awesome work is kind of the opposite of inspiring. It’s just incredibly frustrating – it feels like I’m the kid standing at the window of the candy store watching all my friends eating candy but I’m not allowed in. Consequently, I usually just avoid those posts.

I’m gonna sleep on it for a few days; see if I feel any better about it when the initial shock fades off.