Discussion of September 2019 Update

Discussion of the September Update


Lots going on over there!

@Dan, any tips on how we might get GF to Joann’s near us? Is it something that’s worth requesting? I mostly want quick access to PG materials.


Definitely - I’d ask the store manager!


Will do!

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Can we expect proofgrade to start shipping outside the US any time soon? I’ve made several 300+ USD orders for materials from other laser companies and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I would spend a ton of money on proofgrade if only they would ship to me.

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What is the possibility of getting your producer to ship shipping crate amounts to Europe and have a European version of Michaels sell them from their stores, or find a producer there that would make them to your standards?

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We’re working hard on it. We don’t announce schedules, but will notify everybody when it’s ready.


How about something on our account pages that let us know roughly when?

@dan could you please provide an update on the full passthrough functionality? This is the reason I spent more money to purchase a Glowforge Pro years ago. Is this capability something that we should be waiting for Glowforge to deliver?


Yes, you should. We’re hard at work on it, using the data from the Snapmarks experiment build it.


Could you please provide a more specific timeframe? I know that your roadmap is pretty opaque, but this is core functionality that was advertised in the very first videos for the product.

We’ll let everyone know as soon as it’s complete, but we aren’t announcing any release schedules.


This quote below from https://blog.glowforge.com/strong-opinions-loosely-held-might-be-the-worst-idea-in-tech/ might be telling us how the pass through slot functionality became the poster child for over promised and under delivered.

“Finally, in most cases, the feedback loop on these decisions won’t be closed quickly. Unlike my foolish 9-ball matches, a major engineering choice might not bear full fruit for months or years, by which time we’ll have forgotten how we made the choice and what the alternatives were. There is great value in thoroughly evaluating the key alternatives up front.”

My understanding is that the Snapmarks feature is no longer in development, but will there be future development or evolution of this (or a similar feature) for those of who us need the precision?

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god I hope so. Snapmarks are so vital to my workflow. Visual alignment just doesn’t cut it even after calibrating


I don’t think Dan ever said anything to that effect. They are working on something to assist with the passthrough slot. Obviously it will require precise alignment, but whether that alignment will positively impact other functions is still an unknown. And even if it does, the availability of those alignment/tools to owners of Basic/Plus units is another question entirely.

I have a Pro unit and I use the Snapmarks pretty extensively. I believe in one of the prior updates it was said that development was stopped which is why I was asking.

The primary function of the Snapmarks research, as far as we were told, was to help with creation of software for the passthrough. There may never be anything like Snapmarks ever again and, yes, it is no longer available. Which is unfortunate for those of us who never got access!


Agreed. Snapmarks seemed like a great “in-the-meantime” tool, but we never got a chance to use it.

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I have been venting my output for a year now but need to change to using the filter. How the heck do I order one without buying another glowforge?