Discussion of September 2021 Update

Thread for the discussion of the September update.


Puts the bucket out before opening the spigot. Well done.


When I post the update in Announcements, it emails thousands of folks the post. I want to include a comment link for them that works. I have to link to an already-existing post. So I have to create the discussion post, so I can get the link, so I can create the announcement. Then I edit the discussion post with a link back to the announcement.

This is why I get paid the big bucks.


The hobbit lead in is great. I will never forget my first reads of them all. Absolutely enchanting forever! Thanks for all the updates and new features.


The greatest adventure is what lies ahead!


Excellent update … ahhh … little round doors … sounds like a perfect celebration!

Thank you for all the improvements!


Well, I’m a fan of Smaug, so be sure to celebrate his BD too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Groups and good copy/paste are exactly the kind of unglamorous, indispensable tools that I think should be in the free tier. Thanks, @dan.


“Prototyping is easy, production is hard.” - Elon Musk.

You suffered through that Dan. I’m sure there were times you wondered what you got yourself into.
I have to say you navigated that journey admirably, and I have been privileged to ride along. That the capabilities of the glowforge have continued to evolve for years speaks to the foresight of connectivity. Great update, Thanks!


All the coolest people were born that week… :wink:


Perhaps you need one of these also? :slight_smile:

The backlog to get accepted as a catalog designer must be pretty big based on the wait time.

::excited to get something submitted::

Thank you for the great update!


Aww…then the puzzle hexagon I made was super-simple for you to solve. Should have obfuscated the elvish.


Oh hey, I’m way ahead of you @dan!


Maybe I should add a Party Tree to the scene on the 22nd…


That’s precious! if only you had the benefit of the smiles that provokes.


Great update! Good to hear that there is a lot more excitement coming!

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That was a real Tolkien gesture!

Now time to fire up the 'precious and make something



I love this so so much.

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Thanks for the update Dan but I was a little surprised there wasn’t a mention about the activity surrounding a UK launch/promotion though.

I’ve been a little nag-bag recently surrounding support and access to materials for UK Forgers and I know there’s something rumbling!

I set up Facebook group (Glowforge UK) a few months back dedicated to helping new/potential GF owners, I now have a lot of anxious UK based potential buyers wondering if they should go ahead and order for import or wait for what may come!

They can’t wait and I can’t tell them anything because there’s no info!

  • Is it a full launch with all machines, parts and materials being made available from the get-go?
  • Is it just a outlet here in the UK to get materials?
  • Will there be an ongoing service facility for faulty machines and parts?

I’m worried we’re going to have a whole month of of procrastination from people who just don’t know whether to take the leap or wait for potential disappointment - especially in the build up to the Festive marketplace and that also means a quiet month of sales for you!

I’ve advised them so far to evaluate their situations and go for it if now they don’t want to wait but I think they’re worried they’ll be paying more to import one, when they can get a machine with shipping and no import fees for much lower price here in the UK!

It’s a horrible sense of limbo and it would be great if I could give them a little something concrete to ease their frustrations.

Is that possible?

(btw. apologies if this isn’t the right place for this kind of feedback/questioning - I just thought - If you don’t ask, you don’t get!)


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The Hobbit book saved my life, and has been a support ever since. I’ve been loving this community and of course the machines for years now, and love how it keeps getting better (as promised). Keep up the good work!


Did I miss the hardwood is 50% off sale?