Discussion of the April '17 update

As an engineer myself, I would LOVE to see the test setup! Maybe after August? :wink:

Add it to the catalog please! I want one!!!

P.S. It looks like a simple enough design… I might just have to design one for myself! Creative juices are always flowing with a Glowforge in the house! :wink:

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I’m with you there. I get into a lot of testing groups at work, because I tend to be very good at breaking stuff through attempted use. I’m the reason why we can’t have nice things, except I help make them nicer because problems get fixed.


Sounds like that contractor has a dream job. I’d actually set an alarm just to keep the sucker going round the clock.

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The air cools the electronics, which warm the room about as much as a desktop computer - that is, very little. But if the air was recirculated, eventually the electronics would overheat.


Only for beta and prerelease customers so far, I’m afraid. We’ll let you know when you can use it!

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Oh wow!! The passthrough! Makes me wish I had upgraded to pro!! Same with the filter. Haha. Thanks for the update Dan! I look forward to getting my hand on a production line unit!!


I’m right there with ya :slight_smile:


Since Dan gave a sneak peek at the materials catalog, and indicated that it is accessible to the beta and prerelease folks, I can attest that the site functions well. I have purchased items. It’s kind of like that Breakfast at Tiffany’s thing. The shipping gets to its intended target. The materials are well packed. And every bit of material I have received is excellent. There is a good selection and just about everything that is now available to me has been demonstrated by someone.


Me as well. Basic with no filter.


Yep, I used it. It has materials, you could easily find them, ordering worked like every other e-commerce in the world, and stuff gets sent (I haven’t received it yet, but I believe things that get given to fedex arrive at the other end). So not rivetingly exciting, but easy, quick and practical (and it does look very nice).


I’m still on the fence on if I should keep the filter or not. :confused:

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Unless you are needing the money it is better to wait to see how well they work before deciding to cancel or not. Hard to make a decision on seeing a couple of incomplete photos and no technical details.

OOOooo, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Guess what is going to accompany my glass (or two) of wine this weekend.:relaxed:


I’m not too worried about if it will work. My bigger concern is will I use it. I’m going to be venting out a window for the most part. I was considering keeping it if I take it with me places. For example, bring the Glowforge to my sisters classroom.

But either way, I agree with you. I’m not going to make the decision until right before it ships. :smile:

We use interns for that :wink:

(aerospace, not medical)

Some of our interns are pretty spacey too… :grin:


This has got to be the slowest growing update thread ever. it’s almost 24 hours later and we still haven’t gone over 100 post.

@dan I guess everyone liked the progress report! I’d love to see more photos on a regular basis!

and… you know, get my hands on a unit.


Good stuff. :slight_smile:

I wonder if there is a software limit as to how long the sign can be? Could the software handle 300 yard long dxf file? One would think so because it’s just math :wink: but maybe displaying that get tricky…dunno. Thoughts?