Discussion of the April '18 update


“My main point was that Glowforge would be happy to ship to these countries, but can’t because those countries regulations are stopping them.”

Hong Kong use same standard as United Kingdom (i.e. BS standard), so I don’t understand that why they can ship to UK but not to Hong Kong!

If that is the reason that they can’t ship the machine to us, why they just don’t tell us? They just push the delivery date again and again in NO REASON!

Dan, It is amazing to see the Glowforge improve every months, But it also sad that I haven’t received mine yet because My address is in the Middle east, I hope you guys spend more time on solving the logistics of getting your international customers their units , my delivery date was pushed more than 6 times and now it has been more than 2 years since we placed the initial order, and it will be 3 years before we receive the unit based on the expected date of shipping. I love the glowforge but it is just frustrating to see that international customers are not on the list of your priorities.

True don’t believe that my shipment was pushed to November too and it should be going to the Middle East, this would be the 6th time they push the delivery date. I guess the glowforge team really don’t care about customers outside the US and EU. we’ll see if this changes in the near future probably not.

I hope @dan that this will get solved soon we love the product and we waiting so long to get it but 3 years is too long

Not to make light of your feelings because we all waited a long time and some are still waiting, but it was only a few months ago that the EU buyers were saying the same thing except it stopped at US :slightly_smiling_face:

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It would be great @dan to hear about how things have been going since April. All of us outside the US are still dead keen to get updated.

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We’re working on a new update for everyone - but unfortunately for legal and compliance issues, there’s nothing we can share other than it’s still in process, and the shipping estimate in each person’s account is our best estimate of when it’ll be done. I wish I had better, or at least more helpful, news.


Thanks for the update @dan we all really appreciate it.

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There is no update for the whole May…and the shipping date for international customers has been pushing back once more…I really wish to have a more detail explanation from @dan :frowning:


We’re working on an update right now, but I’m afraid we don’t have any more information about schedules beyond the estimated delivery date in your account.

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Unfortunately, we’ve uncovered additional schedule challenges for both air filter & international shipping. We don’t have updated ship dates yet, but will by next week. At that time, they’ll be updated at glowforge.com/account/ 22, where we keep the most up-to-date shipping forecast information we have available.

Does it mean delay again?

I think there is very little doubt about that. Otherwise it wouldn’t be unfortunate.

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I expect a rather significant delay, partly because I’m a pessimist when looking forward (and an optimist looking backward), but also because a minor delay wouldn’t take very long to incorporate into the estimates and right now we’ve only got an estimate for when we’ll have a new estimate (next week).

Love the Plus concept but it’s backwards for me.

How about a Basic with passthrough?

Better yet. How about a passthrough upgrade panel for the Basic?

In fact, I got the front covered. How about just the back. :wink:


Hi Tex99,
The Emblaser2 is pretty easy to use once it’s setup, but their documentation is a bit lackluster.
I’ve cut a few small projects out, including helping my brother prototype up some pocket knifes he’s making.
I’ve had it cut Tasmanian hardwood, 3mm MDF, 6mm Ply… it goes through EVA Foam like butter.

I have managed to etch on stainless steel using Mustard Etching, where, no joke, you smear mustard on the surface before burning it in… the smell is… interesting.

That said, with it being a 4w laser, it’s slow. Most woods require at least 3 passes.

But, unlike the Glowforge, I have one… so in that respect it’s the best laser cutter I’ve ever paid for an had in my house.

If you have any specific questions, my email is toby.daniel.wild at gmail.com.

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