Discussion of the November 2018 Update


I love that I can clearly understand the meaning of this even though I speak no Chinese.


Yeah…that’s funny. The years inserted gives a big clue, doesn’t it?


That and the ?!!:grinning:


Google Translate from the Chinese does the rest


And the exclamation marks.


Hi @dan so its possible to downgrade my PRO for an PLUS if I preffer to have my Glowforge sooner? and if this is true

  1. How this will work?
  2. What will happend with the difference of costs?
  3. It will make it faster to be sent to Mexico? (canada and Mexico has the same UL certifications requierements)


You can downgrade - if you are in Canada, this will accelerate your delivery.

  1. Just email support and let them know.
  2. If you paid less than the current price of a Plus, we will refund you the difference.
  3. We have not started shipping units to Mexico yet.