Discussion of the September 2017 update (OLD)

We didn’t pay in local currency. We paid USD and our banks did the exchange, so GF probably never saw the amount the banks charged us.


Great update, except the part where it means good luck for me as a day one purchaser getting anything done from now on except obsessively checking my email.

Now that I know it’s this close, I’m having a kind of “the darkest hour is just before dawn” moment, sub “most impatient” for “darkest” and “shipping notice” for “dawn.” :laughing:


Are you asking for purposes of calculating Duties? If so, Duties are your responsibility and beyond Glowforge pervu. You need to calculate the exchange based on permitted methods of your government.

In Canada, this means: declaring either CAD calculated based on the USD at noon the day it shipped, or declaring USD at the day it shipped and making customs do the calculation for you. The amount you paid two years ago doesn’t enter into the calculation at all.


What happens if you purchase something on the design catalog “1 time” and later decide you that you want the “forever” version after you get burn/assemble/ take a look at it. Do you pay “full price” for the “forever” version, or is the system smart enough to have you pay the difference. i.e. “1 time” is $5.00 and “forever” is $7.00, you pay the $5 the “first time” and pay an extra $2 for the “forever” version, or are you out the whole $12 ($5+$7)?


Heres hoping for a strong Canadian dollar on shipping day! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! Although I’d rather have had the strong dollar when I spent the $1990 to start with, and settled with a weak dollar when it came to sorting out the 5% taxes :grin:

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I admit the reason I bought when I did was because I was worried the dollar would go lower than what it was. It was falling fast around then.

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Yep, same here. I delayed my purchase while I was figuring out which way the trade winds were blowing.

As long as we get our shipping notification before a certain someone tears up NAFTA :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the great suggestions, Joe! I’m going to try and get the right folks to look at these, but for future reference, if each of these was a separate Problems & Support post, they’d each be guaranteed to get to the right home - something that doesn’t always happen to suggestions & questions buried in reply threads.

Great to know!

Unfortunately publishing compliance activity publicly is the sort of thing that makes our friendly neighborhood lawyer walk away laughing saying, “good one, you crack me up”. You’ll never guess how I know this.

We don’t have a way for you to convert from one-time to forever yet, if I remember correctly.


There would be no incentive for purchasing forever if you did. That just turns it into $X each with a cap of $Y, which is a valid but different model.


Rent to own! =)


The current shipping day/progress is exactly what we wanted… big thank you to you and your team!

I will stop complaining now!


Bookmarked, just in case. :wink:


Really fantastic news on all fronts, Dan!
Excited about the myriad of possibilities with the Design Catalog.

Thanks to you and the team for coming up with a way for us to tangibly view the progress of our orders arrival. Today it finally feels real that a GForge is being born that will be my very own.

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Is this is because their heads go side-to-side?


hmm… I should rephrase that as, “I will stop complaining about the shipping status” I guess!


Is it my imagination that now the referral bar lists who I referred, and is less than it used to be? I had more referrals, but no notice that they cancelled. I have reviewed it less than a month ago and that bar was filled more.

I’m also in the same boat that shows I’m already an owner of one design, but not all the designs shown in the video, please provide fix.

I have uploaded dozens of designs to my profile, but haven’t determined how to sort, rearrange, or organize other than to delete and re-upload, which isn’t feasible every time I want to sort. Please upgrade this.


Thanks @dan, there’s a lot of info in that update! It’s great to have some idea where shipping is at and that international shipping should start “shortly” :slight_smile:

Holy cow that’s good.

There’s no notification of cancellations. These changes might reflect active status - I’m not sure. @rita?

Thanks for the suggestion!