Dishwasher Status Sign (Leather & Magnet)

We have a new dishwasher and have been using a post it note to identify the status of the dishes within. i.e. Clean vs. Dirty. This post it note was held by a magnetic Yoda. Obviously, it is a bit demeaning for a Jedi Master to be the guardian of the dishwasher, so I had to do something about it.

So, I created this from some scrap leather:


Too cute! Love the kitty art! :smile:


The top image is of all four pieces prior to assembly.

The second is an assembly pic with the teal leather and the magnet in the middle.

I used simple wood glue to put it all together and it is quite strong.

One unfortunate issue I have found I need to be mindful of with engraving leather. If you are working with light colored leather and your intent is for the engrave to remain dark, you have to seal the leather before doing much with it. Otherwise, the black soot rubs off and not only do you lose the darkness of the engrave, it smudges the light leather.

The artwork is not mine. I pulled it down from, then cleaned it up in Inkscape and created the rest of the piece.


Heh heh. Cute one! Good idea to use leather, it should be thin enough to allow the magnet to work on both sides.

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Nice job! Like the cat.

Very sassy cat

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I also love the kitty artwork! :smiley_cat: :smirk_cat: