Disney's Aladdin

Hi Everyone! I printed this one on Sunday and it sat in Geordi (La Forge) until today when I finally felt like stripping the thing (such a pain!) Anyway…story time!

I remember when I was (I think) 7, Aladdin came out and it was the first movie that my parents took me to see in the theater. I was so excited! Before the movie, we went into a music store (Hastings, I think) and there, on cassette tape, I saw the Aladdin soundtrack, and not even having seen it yet, I KNEW I would love it and I needed to have it! And I’m glad I got it, because I almost wore it out listening to it so much. THIS movie dominated about a year of my childhood, Cave of Wonders playset, Jafar’s hypnotizing snake staff, had as much of it all as I could get! sigh fun times!

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!



I have to say … I scan the list of new topics … and I know yours before I look to see who posted. You have made a mark on our forum. So glad you’re here!


Awwww…thank you! Love being here!


My wife is almost done coloring the little mermaid pattern, she loves it! And loved her beauty and the beast gift for Christmas as well :slight_smile:


These are cool


So cute—I love the way the characters spill out of the frame.


I just watched it the other day! And I REALLY like the new one with Will Smith. I actually watch it a lot when I’m working with the GF because I love the music and don’t actually watch as much as listen while I’m busy. I may be old, but Disney movies are still my favorites. Well, along with Pride and Prejudice!


I haven’t seen the one with Will Smith yet. Glad to hear it’s good.


It is good, but no one does it better than robin williams. 90% of his lines were alibied by him. We lost a true comic genius when he died. He did one of those actor studio interviews. Hilarious. Almost as funny was this woman in the audience who was laughing so hard they thought she may need medical assistance. Watch it, you’ll love it.


I think that’s why I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it.


It’s still really good. I just happen to be a HUGE Robin Williams fan. I even have the time-life complete works. Did you see the special he did in San Francisco? OMG! I have watched it a dozen times and still seem to catch anew joke I missed on previous watches.


Robin was the best, that’s for sure. But I have to say Will Smith also does a great job, especially when you actually get to see him, and not just hear his voice.