Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - Barnyard Draftboard


First off I’m in love with Draftboard. Yeah it’s only MDF. But it’s really nice and consistent MDF that’s pre-masked so when the project is done it’s just peel & done.

I don’t remember the last piece of Baltic Birch I cut :grinning:

After 'lo these many weeks of Glowforgelessness (see my previous post on my attempts to cool it here:

Or just skip it. The promised Llama is here too :slight_smile: My first post-thermal induced abstinence project was a Llama my wife could use to wrap embroidery floss around for her projects. But as she pointed out, there are usually many colors of floss in a single embroidery project. I made the Llama because we’ll be heading down the Blue Ridge Parkway in a few weeks and there’s a Llama/Alpaca/Goat farm right on the parkway we stumbled across a couple of years ago that she just loved and cause thoughts of post-retirement living.

Now Alpacas look a lot like Llamas so those would seem redundant. Farmyard animals on the other hand seem made to order.

Tonight I knocked off a couple - the requisite pig and bossie cow (flossie bossie?).

The Llama is still covered in floss.

Next up have to be goats (she’s especially fond of the fainting variety) and dog (although we have a Corgi, I think a barnyard dog has to be a beagle). Tried a chicken but they’re not well suited shapewise for floss management.

These are all Draftboard. I think it’s a better material for this than PG plywood - no possibility of the floss catching on a stray plywood fiber.

The only issue is the tendency of scoring operations to over burn in turns. You can see a couple of those spots. But they’re not breaking my heart.

The engraves on Bossie are a mix of automagic (light) and manual. The ears, bell, horns are manual alterations of PG automatic settings - I dropped the LPI from 340 to 270. It results in a nice alternative texture to the hooves & tail.

Nice to be cutting again.

Oh, a handy little workflow technique I’m using now is to use black for scores and blue for cuts. The GFUI moves these to the bottom of the operations list in that order now. Nice not having to drag them around. The engraves are different colored fills based on the different effect I want. Brown for dark ones, cyan or lime or yellow to cover a range of lighter engraves. They’re separated in the GFUI and I set each to match its color - makes it easy to keep track (original artwork on one monitor, the GFUI on another). @marmak3261’s work getting the color vs GFUI operation order is paying efficiency dividends. :clap:


Very cute! (Both the cards for the floss and the Flossie Bossie!) Chuckle! :grinning:


Loving this series! Now you need a barn shaped box to keep them in.


What a cute idea for a little girls handbag too! Genius! :unicorn:


A few more added to the collection.

Really think the fainting variety are cooler, I think they’re like other goats, just upside down. So we’ll just go with your basic goat.

Got sidetracked from the dog & cat that will round out the collection (although daughter mentioned a hedgehog). Here’s the feather series. The one on top has a slot where the quill is on a real feather to allow for a couple or three colors of floss wrapped through the slot instead of having them wrapping around the belly of the beast :slight_smile:

Oh, the bottom one I did using the new grayscale engraving. Pretty neat tool.


Awwww, adorable! I think the goat is my favorite so far (still hoping for a barn box).


My wife said it’s the cutest too. I’m gonna have to amp it up on the cat :grinning:


I wanna see it upside down! :smile:


Turn off auto rotate and then rotate your phone 180 degrees :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue: