Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - Cleanliness is next to Godliness

This is a heresy, but a minor one. You can be forgiven for hand cutting dowels, which frees your laser for cutting other stuff.


Great job, thanks for sharing that! :sunglasses:

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I do use the laser to cut plywood down to length even though a skilsaw would do it quicker :smile:

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I absolutely love this tool for cutting small objects with no pinching, no non-90 degree cuts, etc:


That is an excellent atonement for the dowels.

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Those are a bonus add-in that will be present in most units - but I think we’re shipping a few dozen units without. You can buy more on Amazon.


*Note: Not for personal hygiene use.

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“You can buy more on Amazon”

Always have a 100 count box in the house of the exact brand and type. Use them for my glasses and optics. Walmart optical section.

Seems to be random pricing though since I’ve seen a 100ct for anywhere between $8 - $20 at the same store.


That is SWEEEET!!!

Cheapest I’ve seen: $14 for 200ct on Amazon. (Third-party seller, not necessarily sold in sealed 200ct box.)

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i like these but i find you really need to go through them; they inevitably dry out after a while

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Christmas stocking stuffers? Lol


I keep a couple boxes on hand for cleaning optics in my SLA 3D printer. Most of the time it’s just dust but once in a while I will drip resin inside and the wipes work well for that too.

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Yeah, I didn’t have any in my box but fortunately that’s precisely the same wipes that I use on my eyeglasses so it wasn’t a bother. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that people prefer microfiber cloths for camera lenses over the fluid/wipes. Will microfiber work with the GF?

Problem is (my opinion only) the microfiber will pick up contaminates over time. Might not be a problem for the camera lens but not real comfortable wiping across the beam windows or lens.


Yeah, you’d think so. But I’ve been amazed at how much oil and other contaminants these things can “consume” and not spread to other surfaces. Granted, the accumulation inside the Forge is likely much greater than what you’d get on a pair of glasses or camera lens.

We haven’t tested it, so I couldn’t recommend it.

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Wow… that looks sick!
Keep us posted


microfiber is probably fine as long as you only ever use a clean one - don’t wipe lenses down with dirty ones (and if you want to keep them in good shape, they’re best hand-washed or at the least hung to dry as i find machine washing embeds way too much lint into the fibers. and no need to use any extra solvent with a microfiber cloth; just make it lightly damp.

all that said, lens wipes are a great option. you could also buy one of these i bet:

brush off anything big with the brush, and use the other end to properly clean. i use these with all my lenses / cameras. one of my favorite tools.