Display Stand for Cray-1 Supercomputer Parts

I’ve been a computer scientist almost my entire life, so I just had to have a piece of the Cray 1 when Mini Museum offered it! As soon as it came I made a custom display to show it off. I used some scraps of Proofgrade Glass Green Acrylic and Proofgrade Walnut Plywood, along with a bit of blue-on-white 2-color acrylic for the label.


Exactly what are we looking at? On the left is a Fairchild SL56660 ECL NAND gate from 1981. What is the object on the right—and where can I get my own?! :sunglasses:

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Big fan of Mini Museum. Nice display!


It’s a chip and a piece of a module board from the Cray-1 Supercomputer previously installed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. @arh2 has a link for you if you’d like to buy your own!

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Wow, what a wonderful display piece for tiny objects! Love the way you layered the acrylic and wood.

Totally cool and a great piece of history! Nice display, too!!

The only thing I know about Cray supercomputers is that Dennis Nedry used them in helping to create Jurassic Park. (Read Crichton’s novel–it’s not mentioned in the excellent film)

But that’s an excellent display. Classy, elegant, simple. I like it.