Disposal of glowforge

Whats the best and safest way to dispose of a glowforge? Was gonna just throw it away but that doesnt really seem all that safe to me. Do i call a hazmat pickup or what?

I don’t believe there’s anything in it that’s hazmat. I’m pretty sure you could sell it for parts rather than just trash it!


(a) what @deirdrebeth said about selling it to someone for parts.

(b) lots of localities have places you can drop off electronics to dispose of. or maybe even a “special pickup” for stuff like that.


Google “electronics disposal [city/county where you live]”. There’s probably a webpage about it. There’s designated drop-off points here and they’re free. But I’d never throw out a Glowforge so long as they have the super-generous policy of offering to replace a broken one with a working refurbished laser of the same model for almost 80% off retail. Unless your Glowforge was a victim of a house fire or something, the least wasteful thing is to do the swap so it can be refurbished into a working machine for someone else. The refurbished one they exchange it for will be worth more than you pay for it, so you can sell it to someone else to use. But if that’s too much work, it definitely has parts value, throw it on eBay.


What went wrong? the power supply, the laser tube? Fire?


No kidding! Get the refurb and sell it for a profit if you don’t want it.

If that deal is still around when my unit finally poops out, it’s almost certainly going to keep me in the Glowforge ecosystem. It’s very generous.


There are several people on here (e.g. @MyDogsThinkImCrazy) who take in and repair broken GFs. Do the community a favor and don’t just throw it away, because their work helps all of us know how to fix things better, and also provides emergency parts when someone is hard down.


For the sake of electronic waste, pleaseeeee do not just throw it away. DM me if you would like to sell it off for parts. If you have a good print head then I know folks would pay $400 for that alone.


Im not selling it for parts or anything of that nature, not giving it away, the one unopened print head is going back for a refund the rest is getting trashed. Just wanted to know if it was safe to do so. I have an outstanding hatred towarfd glowforge and how much money there moronic techs cost me over the past 2 months trying to fix a problem and they never fixed it never even came close, a 2 minute google search fixed the problem with ease a basic fix that the techs should have started out with from the start

It’s too bad your vendetta against the company is going to take parts out of circulation that might help other users with a beef against the same company. Great plan, we’re all clapping.


Seems this reason right here would be enough to try to recoup some of that money by selling it for parts.


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