Distortion at right side of the bed ... again

I believe this has happened to me before. This time with an engrave.

Here’s what the screen looked like

And this is what I got… I cancelled the job to save material. these are supposed to be circles…

Final bed image. Didn’t touch the material. Man that’s art.

update: turned it off and on again. Used a new file. Similar issue occurred. The lines are getting messed up. I think my glowforge is defective. A bunch of lines got distorted and offset.

Is it occurring anywhere else on the bed?

No; it’s only occurring on the right edge.

Have you tried turning off the power and then manually moving the head to the back right rear of the bed in the same manner you do during initial setup, so that when you turn on the printer back on it has to do a full re-calibration of the cutting head?

Also, have you tried reprocessing your raster elements. There was a recent thread where alignment issues we actually being caused by a raster element that caused the glowforge to glitch. Another forum member was able to replicate the issue and correct it by reprocessing the raster elements of the engrave.

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Unfortunately, I’ve determined that your unit has a problem we can’t solve remotely. I recommend we proceed with a warranty replacement and I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details.

I’m so sorry for the bad news.