Distortion in image when "printing"


I received my Glowforge a fefew days ago, and I’m leaving the ropes in regards to how to use it.

When marking some anodized aluminum, I encountered a strange error in a few of my prints. The RX-7 shifted a bit to the right mid-print, and the center 22B shifted to the right and encountered significant distortion. The 22B was marked before the other two, and the 22B on the cardstock was marked last. The RX-7 is the same weight and thickness of the bottom 22B, but the distorted 22B is on thinner aluminum.

Has anyone seen this before?


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Image link doesn’t work for me, so can’t help you more. I had light aluminium blown around by the air assist when I first used it. I got serious about securing everything after that…

Also can’t see the image. Depending on what is, I’ll even make a jig to hold it.

Picture is now included in the original response. I guess it’s a possibility that the air assist moved the distorted 22B since it’s very light and thin aluminum, but the RX-7 is the same weight and thickness if the other 22B

Update: the RX-7 card is slightly warped. When I place it on one side, there is a lot more friction/resistance if I try to remove it. If I flip the card, it is very easy to slide around because of the less surface area that holds it.

I’ll be sure to secure lighter things in the 'forge moving forward, thanks for the tips!



I’m sorry for the late response.

@dwardio, Thanks for the answer – that was correct.

I took a look at the logs for your machine and I can confirm the material did move during the print.

We recommend using small scraps of Proofgrade material if you need to weight down the edges of your material.

Happy printing!