Do not see "path"

we are trying to make our first print- text. we are using Microsoft power point and do not see a “path” selection. we have tried using their other options but path is not a selection on our Mac book.

In powerpoint? You won’t find it, not there. Just save as a PDF, and you are good to go.

Converting to the path is a necessary thing in Inkscape and some other vector programs but not word or Powerpoint.


PowerPoint is really not a design program. I highly encourage you to look into a dedicated design program like Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel, or Affinity Designer.


I agree but you can’t beat Word and PowerPoint for speed when all you need is a word inside a rectangle or the like.


I had no idea you could use office programs for engrave files!


Like @jbv said, they are not ideal but yeah, they work in a pinch for simple things. I’ve done a lot of single words with Word. It is a lot quicker than futzing around with Inkscape for that one thing.

Works great for merge documents. You can make a whole bunch of personalized items.


Like @jbv stated, you will need to use a design program to work with paths. If you don’t have design software, we recommend Inkscape. You can learn more about using Inkscape with your Glowforge here:

I’m going to close this thread. Feel free to post again if you have any further questions.