Do we have a timeframe for new update completion?

Just checking to see when the 10/19 update will be completed to all glowforge machines? I don’t think I received my update yet. Is there a way to find out if the unit has been upgraded yet? Just excited to get it and increase my production. :wink:

I believe the rollout has slowed down a little bit since they needed to do a couple of tweaks based on early results…so it’s still cooking. Sit tight. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Oh and you can tell you have it because the Top speed on engraves in the settings area will be higher than 1000. It’s going to be 1400 for Basics, and 4000 for Pros. Plusses are somewhere in between.)


You should also see the head move much faster when it first boots up and goes through the calibration process. It’ll make a fast whir noise and you’ll be like, “what just happened?”


Thanks! I have been seeing people talk about how great it is and I’m over here like, I want to cut and engrave faster! :wink:
I will continue to sit tight and wait. Just wanted to make sure I somehow just never got it!!

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Just to make sure: cutting won’t be impacted. That’s (cutting) a direct result of power and those speeds haven’t changed. Though, clean corners will definitely help with fast cutting operations.


I’ve always wondered what their roll-out strategy is:

  • Alpha-numeric by machine id
  • By user name
  • By tenure
  • By account type
  • How much you’ve annoyed them
  • Random

We also don’t have the update yet, and our machine id starts with a Y so I’m guessing we will be last. :slight_smile:

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They’ve got all kinds of data on the machines - I would imagine they choose for:

  1. The machines that have the configurations they need to see and test for,
  2. The users who are using the hell out of it so they can get data on it’s usage,
  3. The users who are known to report results rapidly in case of error, without freaking out.
  4. Bribes are always good. (Totally kidding on this one…doesn’t work.) :smile:

If I recall correctly you sent them all kinds of bribes in the form of cool lasered items way back in the day. So this is obviously the correct answer. :joy:


Oh yeah, forgot about those…you are correct. :rofl:

(Come to think of it…I also attempted to bribe them with about 15 pounds of homemade peanut brittle for their holiday party last year…but never heard whether they got it or not. I imagine some poor delivery guy is still lying in a corner somewhere in Seattle in a diabetic coma.)


Random by ip address ?

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