Do you have to seal painted wood before cutting?

I’m doing the painting before cutting method. Does it have to be sealed before putting on the mask to cut or can you seal it all afterwards? Needing a faster solution to paint signs. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Not necessary to seal first. You may want the ‘less’ tacky masking if it starts pulling off your paint…


For me, I found that the sealing spray got a bit crusty if I sealed first. So I cut the painted wood first and then seal it!

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Thank you all for your help. I’m need to this and can’t get going because it takes forever to do one sign. I need faster skills to do more projects.

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Personally I would highly recommend doing the burning first, not only are most paints some type of toxic and can cause a verity of respatory issues or make you sick. I used to do wood burning by hand and found this out the hard way.

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i’ve seen very little evidence that most paints are toxic when engraved.

keep in mind, burning wood by hand does not have an exhaust fan blowing the fumes out.