Doctor Who inspired engrave on leather - simple wallet

We’ve had our Glowforge almost 6 weeks now. Still absolutely in awe. Lots of successes and a few fails - learning everyday - thank you forum!

Using Tandy Oakleaf 2-3oz leather, with Medium Natural Leather settings.

Doctor Who inspired piece:


Oh freaking great, now I have to stare at this post forever.


Sorry! The back does say “don’t blink”, but I’m new and can only post one photo!


Very nice, wonderful stitching!


Yes, stitching is really lovely.

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Nice job. I like the zipper. Was it difficult to add to the piece? I’ve not incorporated a zipper into a leather project yet.

Did you use a masking product on the leather before you engraved it?

I sew them in by hand with a regular point needle with waxed linen thread - the rest of piece is sewn by hand with leather needles. I’m allowing 1/8" all around the zipper, so this opening was 4.25" x 1/2" for a 4" zipper. The sewing holes are 1mm spaced 4mm apart which mimics the look of hand punched stitching holes.

I make paper templates first and check to make sure the zipper is going to sit well in the piece before sending the file to the Glowforge.


I’m using this product from Amazon - it’s just the right amount of tack.

Expressions Vinyl - 12in. x 100ft. Paper Transfer Tape Roll for Craft Cutters and Vinyl Application


Thanks! We ordered some stuff (TransferRite 592U and 582U) from US Cutter and we’re impatiently waiting for it to arrive so we can begin our tests. I work primarily with veg tan so I want to get started with some consistent testing before I incorporate the GF into my process.

I have found the stuff that works great for wood products (a medium tack) is just barely acceptable for the veg tan I’ve been using. It works, but it feels like it’ll slip off at any moment. If I ever buy some just for leather I’m going to try a heavier tack tape.

Interesting. Our research recommended the 582U for leather and lighter materials and the 592U for heavier products like wood. We ordered both since we’ll be cutting both.

I’m not positive I ordered TransferRite, I just know I ordered medium tack in two different widths from sign warehouse. I don’t think there is standard for what is medium tack so that could be a factor. That you have two different tacks is probably a good start. The vinyl squeegees for pressing the transfer paper onto the material are super helpful. I do know that my medium tack masking pulls up much easier than the proofgrade masking from the plywood and draft board, but provides the same protection against smoke. Neither is perfect in preventing paint from wicking underneath.

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Great information, thanks! It looks fantastic, and really good idea to model it in paper first.

Nice job! (And very unusual!) :grinning: