Doctor Who?

Not made with a Glowforge (Yet) - But made with our current DIY diode based laser that we call ‘Pew Pew’

Can’t wait to get our hands on the GF:Basic. :smiley:


Genius! We are avid Dr. Who fans. The next step is to make a Tardis.

Tardis votive candle holder


I’m with you. Half the reason I placed an order is make a “TARDIS”. Been over and over the design in my head, MDF base, acrylic windows etc.etc. & completing it with a flashing blue light and appropriate sound effects.

I’ve half an idea to put a landline phone in it! :smile: :scream:

Cardboard Cyberman suit anyone?

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I’m working on a design for a candle holder that has the TARDIS as the front panel, but when you light it, a weeping angel is reflected onto the wall behind. Because all my friends deserve to live in terror.


Those are great.

And great ideas from the rest. The candle holder would be awesome.

Fantastic! (see what I did there?)

But angels… nope nope nope nope…

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Oh OH OH! I want (am I crazy…don’t blink!) to see that angel effect!!!

oh I will be right back…going to basement to find that Dr Who thing we framed…you need to see this… don’t go away…

@karaelena I had to go to basement to unwrap pictures (we were waiting to decorate in Dr Who when we get our own home…this is son’s house & NOT a Whovian)…but had to show you this…this would look cool above those images…the topper was cut with a laser cutter a couple of years ago …black header, cream colored backing to the words in title and navy blue for the whole background…those are 3 separate prints from an artist at Naka Kon in 2017 … my favorite of all of my Dr Who pictures (though that Minion one comes in close)…

OH the paint bucket is not in the picture…it’s a reflection (whoops) :rofl:


saw this today. Fantastic!!