Does a digital pen have a future with GF?

What if you could draw on a sheet with a “digital” red ink to cut and “digital” black ink to engrave and that got sent directly to the cloud for use with Glowforge? Or some sort of digital encoder “pen” attached to GF allowed for repetitive absolute position control?

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That’s not totally new tech, although maybe moleskin have got it working better than some of the older similar products. I really do love drawing on paper, though, and Moleskin notebooks are really nice.
What if their product does work really well… and they partnered with glowforge to make a notebook with a special “send to glowforge button” that you could use to link your pen to your Glowforge cloud… and this notebook would absolutely have a laser-safe cover for us to engrave upon…


you can use an ipad to open up the glowforge app/site and potentially draw on it from there if they add freeform drawing support. that should be a fairly easy thing to add tbh

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Even without a tablet of some kind, doing this you could use a cheapish under $100 Wacom tablet on a PC a well.


@shell uses a wacom all the time. We’ve dabbled with “draw in different colors for different functions” but early versions didn’t have sufficient internal lighting to resolve the different colors. Our latest units have much better color balance so it’s probably possible - something to come back to later.