Does anyone at glowforge actually read an email?

My third glowforge stopped working 2 weeks ago. I was offered and paid for a refurbished unit that arrived last Thursday. Immediately upon removing it from the packaging the unit did not work. The gantry does not move and it will not center. Support told me I needed a new black lid cable which arrived today. I have installed it according to instructions and the gantry still will not move. I responded to my original email ticket and all I’m getting now are canned responses. Do they only look for keywords and send whatever email they think might be appropriate? It would be really nice if somebody would read my email instead of telling me to troubleshoot this machine that I’ve had for a week that does not work.

Sorry to say that the process that’s going on right now is typical. As long as you’ve received an automated (canned) response from them, that means that they will get in touch with you…a real person. It does take a few days.


Did you reply to your previous discussions? I think that current discussions get priority over new complaints and your complaint is a continuation of your previous lost machine. If you reply to the old discussion and mention the new one it might be better.

Btw the black cable is tricky. I had to reinsert two connections before I could get it working.

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Yes, current discussion, same request number. Last night I did get an actual email from someone asking me to send photos of the connections which I did within 5 minutes. Then nothing again. At this point, I am not comfortable with keeping this newly refurbished unit since right out of the box it didn’t work.

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