Does anyone have a .svg sunflower in one piece? crazy question I know

Looking for a whole sunflower in .svg as a best friend’s Dad died two days ago from Covid and it was his favorite. I looked at the key chain in the catalog but it is in 2 pieces and won’t work. Thanks in advance for your kindness.

Do you have access to Premium? There are dozens of hits for sunflower in there. If not, you could go to the noun project and find them there.


Googling “sunflower inurl:svg” will find you a lot too.

I sent you a message with some. Also, the noun project has tons if you don’t have access to the premium images.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate your help.


I took the liberty of moving this thread to Everything Else. Made on a Glowforge is intended as a showcase for completed projects.

Looking forward to seeing your sunflower!

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