Does anyone have any Barbie dolls they want to cut up with their laser? (creepy looking jewelry)


These kind of creep me out.


That goes beyond creepy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Am I alone in thinking the boob-hearts are hilarious? And just subtle enough to maybe actually be wearable. For some reason only the ear ones creep me out. But they really creep me out. Like, they seem gross.

I a little bit hate that theyre using new barbies to make the jewelry, though. And I know they’re using new barbies because no played with Barbie still has a ring on, and definitely not the entire army of barbies needed to make that bracelet.


Those are amazing and beautiful!


I agree, the boob hearts are the least shocking because they’re less descript.


The Dr. Mengele Collection…


…I giggled a bit…


It seems that Barbies are made from different types of plastic. I am not a chemist (by any stretch of the imagination,) but I understand that vinyl, when cut with a laser, will give off fumes which are both harmful to the machine, and more importantly, to you.

Proceed with caution.


Vinyl acetate, fine.
PVC nasty. Lots of other nasties, too, but that’s enough for starters.

Thanks for the link, and I’d highly recommend the site for further reading for non-chemists who own a laser !

(ex industrial chemist in Analytical Plastics Research, several lifetimes ago.)


Eeeewwwwwwhhh! Disturbing!


I actually kind of like the one that was a bunch of smiles…


Mmmmmmm. Do you need to get out more ?

Just saying !:wink:



Today, Barbie’s arms are made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) which is a copolymer made up of ethylene and vinyl acetate. Her torso is ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) an engineering thermoplastics polymer made of an amorphous-continuous phase and a rubbery-dispersed phase. Polystyrene-co-acrylonitrile (SAN) copolymer is the continuous phase. The head is made from a hard vinyl compound and the eyes are created using a developmental water-based spray paint system from a proprietary supplier. Polypropylene forms the bend-leg armatures while the outer legs are made of PVC, although of a different kind than earlier models.

So… stay away from Barbie’s legs, Ken.


Wow, who would have thought!


I believe it was the good Dr. Dr. Hannibal Lecter :sunglasses:


Most disturbing.


Creepy but awesome. Would be good to wear if visiting the Barbie Death Camp at Burning Man. :wink:


Hey girls… bring out your barbies… Do you want to play a game…? :open_mouth:


Yes, creepy! But, FANTASTIC!! Thank you!! Some days I just need something like this.


Someone has a different imagination. Even though it’s kind of creepy I like it.