Does glowforge ever have plans to inprove quality?

I’ve been an owner and user for about 3 years now. Many lasers and parts and heart attacks later, I’m still dealing with hours lost.

I have multiple lasers and they’re all down!!!

Seriously, I could have bought a more expensive laser and still be up and running with minimal interruption most likely.

Does Glowforge have any plans to improve the quality of their product?

Even something as simple as the carriage plastics that constantly explode into pieces.

Today I’ve been sitting here for over an hour trying to get a design to just get started.

maybe its time to get rid of the old, and get a new one, after 3 years does your glowforge owe you anything?


One, yes, it does. Two, these are both 4 month old machines. Typical Glowforge owner response.

well… since I am a typical glowforge owner… yes that would be my response!

BTW you need to remind me, how orders are piling up…


Since you have been an owner for three years, you should be aware of the improvements that have already been made.

Rant duly noted.


All Glowforges? And, how many is multiple?

Yes, no doubt you could have spent way more…is that a guarantee that it will never fail? They’re machines. Machines do fail.


I’ve had mine for coming on 5 years with zero issues that I didn’t cause - have you made any changes to how you use the machine so you stop breaking parts?


I use the machines for one material that burns much cleaner than most of the stuff people use. I’m sure that all of the failures are user error. Like cables frying internally, yeah, definitely my fault.

Software not functioning properly, sure, my fault.

Three Glowforge machines currently. Have owned a total of five.

Like I said, no issues in coming on 5 years, but as I didn’t come into this laser with pre-conceived notions I tend to see what I’m doing wrong rather than blame my tools.

Sounds like you solely want to vent, so I’ll leave you to it.


I’ve had mine for 4 years and 4 months. The only issue I’ve ever had was recently having to replace the black lid cable.


Guess I’m just an unlucky owner.

Man, you’re such a smart person. However would we have not figured out that I fat fingered that?

Just to state the obvious here:

  1. We get frustration, that’s fine.
  2. The tone used when someone posts goes a long way in how people respond to that person.
  3. You are upset, and you’re here to vent. That’s fine, but the tone used is not something that I feel empathy for.
  4. You’re saying that you could pay more and have a better experience. Ok, then if you feel passionately about that, maybe you should give that a try.
  5. Good luck!

I used deduction.
i also reasoned that you are a major glowforge fanboy - having purchased 5 of them
and am puzzled why you are B&M’ing - with all the $ you have paid you could have bought a Trotec or a Boss laser, but you keep buying Glowforge.



Well on my way with another company. However, when you buy multiple machines to ensure that you never miss a beat and they all fail with different issues, I doubt it’s user error.

Most people who can’t afford to buy better machines would say anything to defend a company that obviously builds with low grade parts. Why would the grommets used that rub back and forth on a metal piece be made from plastic? That alone has set me back several weeks with broken machines.

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I don’t understand why you would keep buying Glowforge machines if you hate them so much.

Good luck!


I bought three they replaced two.

I’m actually buying two Epilog machines this week.

You guys ride Glowforge so hard that you make any excuse possible to deflect blame :rofl:

People should really be educated on the truth of these machines and how much they fail.

Case and point proven. People defend this company and their lack of reliability to make themselves feel better. See this post from another user that was just posted.

I was a huge supporter of this machine, had several friends buy one based on our recommendations, but in the last month, this thing has just been garbage. its peak order time and for the second time in 2 weeks the thing is a brick. I now have to cancel orders, lose money and reputation because of quality control issues with these machines. I even defended this company on the many FB groups I’m in. I’m at the point of returning it and getting something reliable