Does Glowforge have a brain?

Glowforge doesn’t pack or ship any product. Materials are all shipped by a third party logistics company. If you’d like to provide some feedback to the company about their fulfillment partner, email your photos to, as they don’t monitor the community forum.


I’l admit to being a little confused. I see a box?


I am assuming you are upset because the small amount of material you bought came in that large box? In those fulfillment centers they work fast and grab the closest box they have on hand that will hold the product. Many times it’s way oversized like your experience. Amazon does this all the time too.


That’s what I got from this post, too. I hate it when I see waste like this…but yes, it happens.


It’s a pet peeve of mine when people just post pictures and make us guess what they are trying to say, but if you have feedback for GF, send it their way (perhaps more productively, but still, it’s good for them to hear).


Think of it as free cardboard for prototypes :wink: You have some nice long pieces there.


If the size of the box is your complaint, you should know that some major shipping companies have contracts that just use a standard rate for virtually any package. That allows those customers to throw just about anything in one-sized box, without concern for weight or size.

It’s not common but is found a lot in large-volume situations. Amazon is one example, I have received rediculously over-sized boxes for small purchases.

The company sending out parts and supplies is not owned by Glowforge, they are just a subcontractor so likely have a much larger business than selling a bit of wood and such.


Part of this could also be a supply chain issue. Right now, there’s a shortage of cardboard boxes. If a vendor doesn’t have the ideal size, then they may be forced to use a larger size and lots of padding.


The 1st picture looks like a dead body laying his head on the table.


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