Does laserable exterior ply exist?



Is it possible to get plywood for outside use that can be laser cut? I read that interior plywood is bonded with PVA, which is why it can be lasered safely, but exterior plywood uses waterproof glue that isn’t good for lasering.


I had a lot of trouble with “Marine Grade Plywood” on my epilog laser. So I can at least confirm that it is a problem. I never found exterior grade plywood I could laser. I think using interior grade plywood but coating it with a clear epoxy may be the best way to go.


That is some real good information and could save a lot of money. :grin:


Looks like a gap in the market for Proofgrade then.


Surely a waterproof glue that is safe to be lasered must exist. Wood bonded with acrylic resin?


Interior grade with a coating of Spar Varnish might work. (Heck, if it’s good enough for boats…)

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Maybe soak in something after lasering? And remember to renew. Spar varnish works for boats if you keep scraping it off and putting it back on…


Very good question. My limited knowledge is that exterior ply is not only waterproof but impregnated with insecticides, fungicides, etc, which might be the reason for laser unsuitability. But I’m just speculating. Will put it in the proofgrade hopper!

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