Does not engrave straight line

hi today when I tried to engrave in acrylic as I do every day I see that it doesn’t engrave a straight line it’s all bumpy I tried cleaning all the lenses and spots it also doesn’t look like the belts are loose I had this problem a few times before but it would usually go away when I deleted the file and reuploaded it but today I even tried it with a different file I still have this problem the only thing that happened before that is I got a purple light which I have never gotten before and it went away when I shut off the machine and turned it on so I don’t know I contacted glowforge already but it takes time till they respond so if someone knows something let me know
here are 2 pictures in the first picture it looks as it should with straight lines and in the second picture it’s all bumpy

If not belt tension, then I suspect debris on the gantry tracks or the wheels on the carriage plate.

I would go with the latter, because belt tension issues would likely give a more “regular” pattern.

As you appear to be working with acrylic, it may be difficult to see, and especially difficult to clean. I don’t have much in the way of advice, other than to choose your solvents carefully…

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So you know for next time, posting in this section also opens a support ticket, so you’ve now contacted them twice, which slows things down for them. They’ll be along soon to close this ticket and continue helping you via email.

I agree with @eflyguy, I’d be looking for something on the rails/belts; also check to see that you don’t have a cracked wheel. Good luck, I hope you can get up and running again quickly!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.