Does one cut and is stuck on focusing - and does not want to do "set focus"

I have emailed GF support, and no response yet. Hoping i can find a solution here. I really need help please.

My machine is stuck on focusing. I have read the documents, cleaned all the lenses, removed the printer head, unclicked and relocked the white cable, reseated the crumb tray.

If I leave the machine off for an extended amount of time, like over night and through the work day, it will allow me to make one print then sticks on focusing again and the printer head will not move. When i power up the machine it focuses and does fine, when i go to “set focus” that’s where it goes to the middle and stops and the Amber light comes on. So i tried to do a cut without “set focus” and it will do 1 cut and then get stuck on focusing.

I have searched forums and documents and cannot seem to find a solution.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

Do you know how to download your machine logs and are you able to?

Based on what you have described, it sounds like there is an issue with the print head. If you can post the logs, I’d be happy to take a look, or support can access them remotely.

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No i dont know how to get into logs. :frowning: But support told me that they cant figure out why i am having an error either and so they are sending me a refurb machine.

Yea i tried all the troubleshooting things in their forum to check the printhead. But printhead & everything looks good. I

support told me that they can figure out why i am having an error either and so they are sending me a refurb machine.

That is a huge hassle but at least they are taking care of it.

Yes and alot of money :frowning: I was planning on getting another brand machine once we moved duty stations because of limited space, but this will have to do for now. Time to hustle. Thank you for your help.

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