Does support work weekends?

Just curious? I replied to a support email from yesterday at 0817 CST today (Saturday) and have not seen a response yet, 1530 CST. I’m wondering if support folks are not working on weekends, which is perfectly okay by me, I’m just curious.

I’m pretty sure someone is manning the watch, at least on Saturdays. I have had a reply on Sat. and late too.

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Not unusual for a reply to take a couple days. They say 3 max but usually less. Pretty sure the team is swamped with hundreds of emails asking everything from “can I use a sponge as a filter?” to “why is shipping to Antarctica so hard?”

But yes, I often get responses on weekends.


:rofl: well-of course, why not? :rofl::wink:

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I haven’t received normal support responses on the weekend. That being said Rita, works long hours and I gotten very late night responses on the weekends from her. So I don’t think it’s a normal thing, but it happens apparently.

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Simple answer: YES

Longer answer: I’ve personally, to my surprise, gotten support e-mails on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


I believe I saw a post from @jaz here today.

Edit - @jae is here today also.

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Had a support email come in at 3 am on a Sunday (and I chided them for it, too).


Email came at 0626 CST and then another one at 1231 this morning from Dan himself. So the question is answered - support does work weekends. Unfortunately it looks like my GF is going back :frowning:
I understand things like this happen, so no worries in the big scheme of things. My new PTO powered brush chipper arrives Tuesday so I wont have much inside time in the cumming weekends anyhow.


While it’s true that Support works weekends and Dan works weekends, Dan is not Support. :slight_smile:

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Bit of a play on words, but I’ll agree. Dan is not support and support works weekends.