Does the bulb/laser tube die after a few years?! Won’t cut through material either at all it takes a billion passes to go through fully

I’ve had my laser for over 3 years now and it does not cut the same anymore. Barley passed through at all let alone needs like 5 or more cut times. Is this normal? Do I need to replace anything?! Can the bulb/laser tube be replaced? What do I need to do?

Contact support. Yes, the tube has a shelf life, even if not used.


I’ve read online that they don’t do replacements anymore like they won’t ship you a light bulb but you’d have to ship the whole glowforge to them?! I live in Canada.

They have never shipped replacement tubes, it always had to be sent in.


Oh ok thank you! Do you know the average pricing of all that?!

Somewhere between $500 and $1200 US. Probably extra for shipping to and from another country.


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