Does the head have a camera?

With all the issues with the lid camera, why not put the camera in the print head and have a moveable image to center material and artwork? Not sure if this has been discussed and sorry if it has, link me to it so I might understand the reasoning behind not putting a positioning camera in the head as opposed to the lid. Or better yet… both!

Yes it does. It has two cameras. Head camera not yet used.

From the GF home page:

Technically the head camera is used, but not yet for optical alignment. It’s used to see the red laser when bouncing it off the material to measure focus distance just before preparing your print.

Thanks for the reply, any mention of when they’ll start using it? would be nice to line up images reliably.

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No mention by the company at all. They have historically not made any predictions for when software features will be implemented. When a feature is done and about to be rolled out they generally give a heads up. But not always.


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There’s been a lot of discussion about this since the very beginning. The last comment I saw from Dan was in October, and it’s encouraging:

I hope the “fix” uses the head camera to confirm and/or adjust the placement and scale of the material so that we get what we set in the UI. As it is, however, it’s pretty darned close even out towards the corners on 1/8" material.