Does upgrading affect shipping?

I bought the standard glow forge on the first day of pre sale but then a few weeks later decided to upgrade to the pro model. You have said that they will ship based on first come first serve so I was wondering which date will be used to determine when it ships?

I saw him say somewhere that you could upgrade without losing your place in line, so you should be based on the earlier date

@dan has said that all things being equal things will ship first come first served but your location may play into this(international etc. may be a bit later). Previously they thought the pro and basic would ship at different times but the factory now believes they can make the basic and pro at the same time. And dan has said that you will keep your place if you upgrade

Of course either the Basic or the GF Pro could run into unforeseen design problems that delay start of production. They might find some little plastic part in the Basic that has to be redesigned or an electronic part that fails early in the Pro. Anything could stop one or the other from entering production first. So the production schedule for either unit is likely to be TBD until very early next year.

All true, and to the original question, you don’t lose your order date if you upgrade.

Thanks Dan that’s good to here, looking forward to getting one. so many bad ideas just waiting to come to life.