Dog Face Gift Made for Grandfather

Only about 3 weeks into owning my Glowforge and I am learning a lot!! I made a Father’s Day gift for Papa. Didn’t come out well, so I kept working. Used GIMP to manipulate Carly’s face because she is a black dog. The eyes were hard because of light in the photo. I didn’t give up. I am so excited with my finished project! I am also new to all of these very fancy programs such as GIMP and INKSCAPE. I am learning those too. 20200627_185732|375x500


That turned out great. You’re well on your way.

Thank you. I am really excited.

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Dark colored dogs are the hardest ones to do because you loose all the detail, but yours looks fantastic. :grin:

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I wanted to make something for a friend who has a black cat with a white smudge across its face.

I’ve been editing images for about 25yrs. I gave up after several weeks trying.

*caveat - I was limited to a few crappy cell-phone indoor low-light pics. If I could get a decent pic, I’m sure I could make it work.

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That came out really well! Good job finessing the image! Isn’t it fun to learn new things, and to have such great tangible evidence of your progress?!?

Thanks. I worked hard.

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I worked with the picture that was texted to me. lol I was determined to make it work. I made little adjustments and kept working till I got to what I wanted it to look like.

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Thanks. I keep reminding myself that I need to give myself time to learn, not just get mad because it didn’t come out as I wanted on the first try. Time and baby steps will get me there. lol