Dog Ornament

My sister recently had to put down her dog of 7 years (practically her baby) so through this time of grief, I made them an acrylic ornament for them to hang on the Christmas tree to remember her and keep her spirit alive through the holidays :innocent:


Sorry for her loss, but that is softened by the joy Bella brought into your sister’s life.

And old man said every dog he ever owned gave him a piece of its heart, and he did the same in return… and that by the time he died his heart would be all dog, and he would see and love the world as they did.

What a thoughtful gift.


Very thoughtful.

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Saying the forever goodby to an animal companion is absolutely devastating. The ornament is very beautiful!

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Nice. I lost my buddy last month. Your post inspired me to make something similar for the tree. Helped with the healing. Thanks.


Thank you all for your kind words :innocent: