Dog tags

Hi i am trying to engrave a adonised metal dog tag but it want recognise material how Would i do this

Just leave the material setting as unknown.


There’s a doc page about how to work with manual settings, one sec…

All you could ever need to know on the topic :slight_smile:


Select uncertified material and use the set focus tool to assign the height. In the Beyond the Manual section of the forum you will find many examples of what people use as their settings for anodized aluminum. Input anodized aluminum into the search bar.


The only materials that are listed in the drop down are proofgrade materials (from Glowforge). Everything else is manual.

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You could go manual or pick one of the Macbook materials.

I do many dog tags each month. The only thing you need do is set to full power and go. Speed (and resolution) is not really an issue as anodization is extremely ease to remove with the laser.


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