Doggie Tags!

Bought some one these off Amazon you get 20 for $7.85!

Speed: 285
Power: Full
LPI: 270
FH: .03


Love it!




That looks great! Bookmarked this for the settings, I’ve been wanting to try the business cards as well as these.

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Metal business cards work great too I’ve done them!

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Found any that you have really liked? I didn’t spend too much time looking but noticed reviews for a few say they are almost like foil.

I made a bunch of business cards and was not happy with then and then made them engraved in Oak ply scraps and folks love them and show them off to all their friends not tossed in a drawer or trash can,

I’ll find the link and send it over. They weren’t cheap but turned out very cool.

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I got a bunch from that I was happy with. They make a nice solid “clank” when you drop em down on a counter. They have square edges though. I generally round them off with a corner cutter.


Nice turnout!

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Where do you get the hexagon tags?