Doghouse Ornament on Catalog

Did try the Doghouse Ornament coming on the Catalog, follow the material, everything. Found out was set up (by designer) to CUT everything, when should be SCORE on roof and walls (paw prints). RUINED a all big piece of Medium Sherry material. After figuring out the mislead, I tried again by changing the sets to Score and came out perfect, UP TO THE TIME I was about to assembly. NO partes match with holes to snap in.
PLEASE, HELP, is a such beautiful ornament, BUT came with so many glitches.

I’m sorry you ran into such troubles with that catalog design. This forum is not monitored by official support. We are all owners here just like yourself and try to help when we can. I suggest you send your message in an email to Best of luck.


THANK YOU. I did sent my help to glow forge support but haven’t received any answer

FWIW, it seems set up correctly by the designer to me? The lines on the roof and walls are set to score, and the paw prints are set to engrave. I did not change any settings after opening the design.


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