Doing Coke on a Glowforge

Talk about click-bait Here!!

I am fascinated with mixing two media’s together on a GF, and embedding logo’s in wood with acrylic – the trick is getting the right burn level into the wood, as well as a sharp enough cut on the acrylic so it all fits, the BEST tricks I have learned from Youse awl (well, I was born in southern Brooklyn) is to do a SCORE around the object to clean the edges of a Deep burn!

P:S: Please excuse my weeding, it was less then stellar.


Love how this looks. I’ve done some mixed media, myself…but, it was much less complex than cursive writing. It did though, teach me to appreciate getting the kerf right using two different materials. A bit tricky, for sure. Nice work!


Awesome job!


YA KNOW, I am thinking of making Miniature coca cola cases on the GF, i have a set of tiny coke bottles i have picked up in my travels!

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Wow this is fab, such a great idea, thanks for the tip on the scoring, I didn’t know this!

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Another idea I never would have though of! Great job!