Here’s a set of 12-12 dominoes I made for my grandmother’s social club. (she likes historical western and romance novels, hence the theme)
IMG_9980 IMG_9981 IMG_9982


Those are double 11 dominoes.

HA. That’s a sample. There’s a 12-12 in the box.


Oh, OK

I know that math can be tough :slight_smile:


She will be very happy with them!

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That must have taken some time to finish with the painting and double sided engrave. Well done!

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This community is awesome. I’m just gobsmacked at the richness of projects I see.

Cut and etched full sheet on side 1, left backing on flipped each domino in the sheet to side 2, etched. Then removed the loose dominoes w backing still on, mounted into a painting jig, taped all the edges up and used a metallic gold spray, dry, flip, spray (3 coats each side) then let dry to tacky and peeled.

It was a process but it worked ok.

if I did another set I’d get a flame polishing jig made and do the edges.

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