Getting ready to place an order from amazon for a few items. Thought I might pick up a set of cheap dominos and engrave the back of them for my brother for Christmas. Has anyone got a recommendation of a domino set (WITHOUT spinners) that you’ve engraved on your glowforge?

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I lasered a dominoes, it tasted like crap afterward, but it was pretty to look at!


I know this is not what you asked, but you can actually MAKE the whole domino set if you want.

I’ve seen them made from wood or acrylic. I have made a couple of sets and I’ve designed a set [(that you can use for free)] (Domino set) although the method I was making them here in these photos needs some tweaking or just to be made with opaque acrylic.

The advantage to doing this is not having to worry about what the Amazon dominoes are made from and if they are laser safe, plus you can make them any style or color you want.

However, I know not everyone would want to do that, so if you don’t, then don’t hate me for the suggestion, just carry on… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Well that’s what happens when you order food from there. Wouldn’t really call it food, before or after lasering.

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