Done arrow?

Does anyone know why every so often my screen has a small box pop up on the upper left that says “done” and has an arrow pointing left? I assume the app is doing something but not sure what it is. TIA

Never seen that. Try a different browser? Take a screenshot. The only acknowledgement that a print is done here is the side-bar on the right saying it is, or cooling down if needed.

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The “done” arrow on the upper left pops up when you ungroup a design. Ungrouping can be accomplished by double clicking on the object. Once you have made the desired changes or realize you did this by accident, just click on the Done to regroup the design.


Good one. I’ve never used grouping in the GF UI…

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It happens at random times. All of a sudden it just appears. I will try to watch if there is a correlation with grouping but have never noticed that to be the case.

It is only supposed to come up while editing groups. While you are editing one group you cannot access any other group. When you have the group the way you want it then you click on the “done” button and the group is again only a single thing to move around.

This has no effect on the left hand settings on the screen except that several parts moved about will at some point update to their relative locations in the icon.


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