Don't close until confirm it's reconnect and stable:

So Jeremy, you closed the topic before I could confirm the changes to my channels resolved my GF’s connection issues.

They haven’t.

Please don’t close this yet.

I reset my gateway to separate 2.4 and 5GHz and trying different channels for my 2.4 to try to get my GF connected. So far no matter which channel I set my 2.4 to, which is what I start with for the set up, my GF stalls once I’ve theoretically connected to its WiFi and it’s not showing me the options to reconnect back to my own WiFi on the screen:

(I have my chromebook on my 5GH z network so I can still do some things… like track the support page)

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I’ve only set mine up/reconfigured a few times, but it’s odd, to me at least, that you have two different Glowforge ad-hoc networks shown (different names).

That’s the picture of your Chromebook?

The process you are describing is confusing.

The device you are connecting to the Glowforge from needs to be connected to only the Glowforge - and not any other internet service provider (whether it’s cell or whatever). This is why airplane mode is recommended.

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Fortunately got it working again–closing everything down (again) and changing channels a few times… I’ll blame the Navy. The USS Vinson arrived in port this weekend.

My thread wasn’t meant to be confusing–but sometimes type too fast before thoughts are all clear.

I use my PC to connect to my Glowforge. A few months ago had modem/router issues and Xfinity upgraded me to latest box, and they recommend using setting that automatically lets devices pick 2.4 or 5 Hz (alas I forget the term they use for that). I’ve gone back & forth with doing that, but I had been running OK with that until this weekend.

So back to separating, and having 2 network names, one dedicated 2.4GHz for the Glowforge (and thus my PC). My chromebook and phone I connect to my 5GHz network (separate names & passwords), and was using my Chromebook for this community page and other work while my PC and GF were trying to talk to each other on the other network…

So I was seeing the Glowforge’s Wifi on my PC’s list of available networks, and could connect to the GF wifi, but then setup was not moving to the next step of the GF finding my home network again in the “Connect Your GF to Wifi Screen” (though my PC can see many–in the picture the grey bar shows many the wifi can “see”, but not all are even mine, and it’s only Smidginwic24 that I connect my PC to.

But finally got it all connected again… So at least I think I’ve learned all the things I need to run through if have problems again!

So @jeremy5, I’m OK for this thread to now close, as my issue is resolved. Whew.

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I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!